Thursday, December 5, 2013


~ my own little brain

1 red kuri squash, sliced, roasted, and skin removed
1 kabocha squash, sliced, roasted, and skin removed

Place squash pieces in large pot and mash with potato masher.  Place on burner over medium heat and add as much milk and butter as needed to reach desired consistency, stirring frequently.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Notes: I randomly picked up these squash, which I'd never heard of before, at the store one night and roasted them according to this recipe at Nutmeg Notebook.  No one in our family has ever liked straight squash of any kind, though we use it in other recipes, but I thought roasting it may make a difference.  It didn't.  We just can't stand the texture of squash.  So, I threw the leftovers in the freezer for another day.  I pulled them out about a week later and made Beaver mash, named for the orange color that makes the Beaver fans in my family happy.  Some people loved it and others just thought it was fine, but everyone was definitely happier eating their squash this way.  As for me, I'm accepting defeat and not trying any more recipes that require us to feel the texture of squash.  


Susan said...

Bethany, I am just now reading that you don't love the consistency of squash. My husband doesn't like the texture, unless it is pureed, almost to a babyfood like consistency. We cook it all down. Scrape it all out of the skin. Mash with a potato masher and then add butter, brown sugar, and some water and cook down some more. Then use a hand blender, or your food processor to get it super pureed. We grow lots of butternut squash, and this is how we make it and then just freeze it all like this. It is runnier than mashed potatoes, and all but one of my kids loves it. Of course, butter and brown sugar make everything better.

Bethany Weathersby said...

Susan - That sounds like what we did, except we did the freezing on the other end of the whole thing. And we didn't use brown sugar. Maybe we'll try that next time! :)